Saturday, March 05, 2016

Picking up where we left off....

So almost ten years ago I thought this blog would be a good idea for hashing out some plans, philosophies, observations... all that stuff. And then, of course, I promptly abandoned it. But one of my resolutions for this year has been to get my old blogs up and running again.... so here goes. I have a few free minutes here at work, so time to bang out an update.

Ten years later.... what have we learned? Turns out, not so much. I think I am wiser, a bit. I am older. definitely more than just a bit. I'm probably the same level of cynical. But I am a little bit calmer, less angry, less trusting too, though.

What do I want to be when I grow up? Still haven't figured that one out yet. Probably an astronaut. Maybe a rock star. In the meantime, I remain a news producer at a mid-market TV station. And I am also teaching TV production at a local college. There's an old saying about fewer years in front of the horse than behind, in the back of the cart. I'm very much feeling that lately. Brooding about it.

March is here and Spring won't be far behind. I look forward to it. Each successive winter takes more and more out of you. I look forward to the bright green of the new leaves on the trees.


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