Sunday, March 06, 2016

So Nancy Reagan has died.

Can't say I was ever a fan, though I didn't hate the woman either. I know of people who have this seething hatred for the Reagans. I always had a more pragmatic view of them. Sometimes you have to give the junkie a fix, and Wall Street needed Reaganomics in 1980. Four years of Reagan would have been fine. Eight years was a big mistake. What Reagan knew back then was what Trump knows today - how to sell snake oil. He and his crew played the People like there was no tomorrow, and Nancy played her role in all of that perfectly. It could have been easy to dislike her. She had an imperious air about her. She came across as a supercilious phony. She was brittle and more than a little snobbish, and, based on a lot of widespread tales from her early life, she hadn't really earned any of that attitude. And the whole weird astrology thing.  But my sister was a nurse at DC's Children's Hospital at the time, and she said Nancy Reagan used to come in and visit the sick kids, and on those occasions, she was genuine and very likable... so I am inclined to give her a pass. Plus - the photos with Mr. T.
Anyways....  safe home, Mrs. Reagan. We could have done better. But we probably could have done worse.


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