Saturday, March 26, 2016

Are Things Any Different?

A little bit. I've taken some of the confusion I was feeling and codified it, compartmentalized it. I've turned it into motivation. I have a vague plan that may not be a plan at all, but it doesn't engage for another five months anyways, so it's nothing I have to deal with right now... and more importantly, I'm figuring in five months none of it will seem like the big deal it seems now. That's kind of key. If I don't care one way or the other about the outcome, I won't be disappointed. At the moment, I am still spinning... not helped a lot by the news that one of my cousins is gravely ill. As Mike O'Meara said this week, "We're all in the on-deck circle now." The next six weeks for me are insane... and then, hopefully, things settle down and I get a bit of a breather. Here's a picture of Newmarket... back when I had NO idea.


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