Sunday, April 03, 2016

I was around for the '80's... wasn't I?

I mean... I seem to remember having a pretty good time during the 1980s. I remember the music, the crazy graphics, the ludicrous clothes people wore. I remember cocaine being everywhere. I remember a lot of parties, and a lot of people thinking they were really cool. I thought I was there for all of it.

Now I'm not so sure.

The other day I was talking about the Olympics with someone.... and they mentioned the Los Angeles Summer Olympics.

I kind of vaguely remember that. I remember a bunch of people dancing to "All Night Long" at the closing ceremony.

But I don't remember anything else.

Same with Live Aid. I kind of remember it, but I also kind of don't remember it at all.

I remember "Less Than Zero" was huge one Summer. Like everyone else, I read it. Don't remember it. I remember using the term "Allagash" with friends to describe a method of bar-hopping we used to do. Don't remember any of the places we went.

I wasn't over imbibing. I wasn't doing drugs. I'm just not sure where the 80's went.


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