Saturday, April 23, 2016

Things were moving so fast
I couldn't comprehend it
I was first, maybe I was last
Confusion had descended
I was amazed by what had transcended
Through the pages of time
Faith is a wall I must climb

I was intrigued by your spirit
And your eyes which showed no pain
You were screaming but I couldn't hear it
And your movements would not explain
Why you'd condemn me
To a world of senseless rhyme
Fear is a wall I must climb

I've seen some heroes in my day
I've seen the failures in yours
And I tried to connect us in some way
But we were on two different shores
Though your love is worth million of treasures
But I can't even spare a dime
Love is a wall I must climb

The people, they were singing
I could hear them from the street
My feelings, they were stinging
I was submerged in my defeat
But I smiled for a second
And for that second, I felt fine
Pain is a wall I must climb

So quiet is the terror
That swallows me like the night
So quiet is this sickness
And the song that I long to write
But I shall receive my passion, eternally
From beyond the bitter stars that shine
Doubt is a wall I must climb

In my world of convergence
I'm a prisoner only unto me
While I await for the emergence
Of the form I shall soon be
Until then I'll wait in the museum
The museum of my mind
Fate is a wall I must climb

The hangman, he's in the shadows
And he's looking for something to do
Until we find who won the battles
Of the evil and the true
And the judges, they're in recess
Until they receive some sort of sacred sign
Belief is a wall I must climb

Have you ever looked at your face so much
Until it became askew?
Because the road that's less traveled is the one
That leads right back to you
Lord, I'm frightened for I fear that my lack of life...
... is my crime
I am a wall I must climb


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