Sunday, September 11, 2016

I think some of us are just born a little different.

I knew this one guy in college. Total degenerate. Crazy messed up kid who came from a dead end nowhere mill town. He claimed to be a Satanist. He was weird and wild and definitely a guy who was going to end up in jail or on the streets. He never made it out of college, and then he just disappeared. He vanished. I half expected him to do something like this  eventually so I wasn't too phased by it. But what happened after that kind of made my head spin a little. He eventually turned up, 25 years later, as a Paris-educated world-famous wine critic. I'm 99% sure most of his bio is made up, but that makes sense because so is his whole new persona. And yet... it's like he KNEW. He KNEW he was free to burn up his teenage years because he was going to reinvent himself in the end. It's as if he knew from the very beginning. I SWEAR he did. That weirds me out a little. It's like my buddy who seems to have always knows deep down that he was going to become a big corporate attorney. I first met this guy when I was 13 and even back then it's like he had his sights set on where he is now. Or the girl I knew as a teenager who was absolutely WILD. I was mesmerized by how out of control she was. But it's like there was a preternatural calmness underneath the major hot mess that she was at the time because she could see twenty years down the road and see that she'd reinvent herself into the top upstanding tightly buttoned down pillar of the community and PTA leader that she is today. It's. Like. She. KNEW.


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